My conversation with Mr. Messick

Most of the world does not know that when it comes to equality the triathlon world, Ironman, is far behind the 8 ball. I will write more on this subject in the near future. With my thoughts on the subject as a person that will NEVER make to Kona or be a professional.

The Mediocre Triathlete

I had the craziest dream last night.

I dreamed that I am not really a mediocre triathlete. I’m actually pretty awesome. I’m a card-carrying pro. I win races. I win Ironman races. I dreamed that I wanted to compete in last year’s Ironman Championships at Kona. I tried to enter the race, but I was told that I wasn’t invited.  It was explained to me by Andrew Messick, CEO of World Triathlon Corporation.  Here’s my conversation with Mr. Messick:

LP: Hello, Mr. Messick! Can you spare a few moments for me?

AM: Of course! Come on in and pull up a chair. What can I do for you?

LP: Well, I’d like to race in the championship at Kona. As you can see, I have a formidable resume. I won 5000 Kona points in four races.

AM: Well. That’s impressive. Looks like you had a good season. Unfortunately, I’m going…

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I am how big????

I knew that I was a big girl and needed to lose some weight, but it never really hit me until I saw these photos of myself from my first ever swim meet.  I am at my highest weight ever. I weighed less at 9 months pregnant than I do today.

What is so shocking is how your own brain can play tricks on you. When I look at myself, I don’t see that I am this big.

This has been an ongoing issue for me my whole life. I have been to therapy so many times I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count that high.  Growing up I was the token fat girl in class that would get laughed at and teased. Kids in grade school can be very mean and when you don’t have the coping skills at a young age it never leaves you.

I am on my final steps in getting approved for weight loss surgery. I just found out that the office just got the last piece of paperwork that is needed. I go on Tuesday, May 5th for my last class and then see the surgeon on June 1st, with possible approval 2 weeks after. The it will be the waiting game for a surgery date as he is about 4 to 6 weeks out after you get approved.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

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Welcome to From 300 to Iron

I would like to welcome each and everyone to my new blog.

I have just started my training and wanted to keep an account of where I have been and where I am going on the roller coaster ride call Triathlon.

On April 26, 2015 I completed in my first Super Sprint Tri in Edwardsville, IL at SIUE. I was very proud of myself and the results that I got.

Age group 45*49 This was a super sprint: Swim 150 yards, Bike 10 miles and Run 2 miles

10th in age group and 126th overall
Swim: 6:57.45 86:53/M
Bike: 1:16:07.00
Run: 41:37.30 20:49/M
Total time: 2:09:07.55


I am very impressed with myself especially with the Bike. I dropped my chain twice and had to walk up 2 hills. Of course I had the most fun coming down the hills. I kept wanting to squeal WEEEEEE! Just needed to have streamers to my handlebars. Happy with the run, which I walked also.

I can’t wait to do it again.