Starting to panic and not about surgery

I moved back to my hometown one year ago. We, my son and I, were very active in Cub Scouts in Florida. I was in contact with the local counsel and trying to get Joshua ready for the new scout year.

What happened was, I help establish a new Cub Scout Pack. I have been close to tears, crying and wanting to give it all up. Don’t get me wrong, I love what scouting has done for my son but when you do just about everything on your own it gets trying. I did have help at times, but it has zapped my scouting spirit.
I really want to walk away from it all and not look back.

Now for the 2015 Scouting year, they have changed the program completely and it has caused me so many mental breakdowns. There are so many things that I have NO clue on how to do or how to teach the Cubs. Hence the panic.

I have so many doubts about this upcoming year. Will I get the help and leaders that I need? Will I have to completely take over and teach each group? I would love just to be the Cub Master and not have to be a Den Leader. Cub Scouts only work IF you have parents that stay evolved each week.

I don’t need this additional stress and panic, but I made a promise to my son and I will not break that promise.

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