IM Boulder Race Report

This is my friend Emily’s race report from her first Ironman. She is a big supporter of my journey.


My first Ironman was a whirlwind experience.  It has taken nearly two weeks for me to find time and energy to even attempt to write about it here.  This post is horribly long, sorry.     If you missed my post about race weekend leading up to Boulder, you can find that here.  If you want to skip all the reading and just check out my official raceday photos, click here.

Race morning-  I was really thankful to have a hotel in Boulder so I didn’t have to wake up too early, 4 AM was my alarm time.  I got dressed and had breakfast of two pieces of bread with tons of peanut butter on each and a banana.  It is really hard for me to convince myself to eat early in the morning, so just getting this down was an accomplishment.  I had everything I would need…

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