Loss of Faith and drive

I have been thinking a lot about my faith not only in myself but with God also. I stepped away from the church that I joined last year. There were many reasons, but the biggest one was due to there being nothing for singles. I hadn’t gone to church for the whole summer and I knew it was time to find another church. Today, I started that journey. I grew up in the Methodist Church, but the churches in my area are slowly dying off. You don’t see the younger couples or more importantly the single men and women. In the newer churches, I just don’t really fit in and that is ok. Today I went out of my comfort zone and attended the Mormon Church in my hometown.

It wasn’t your typical service today at the church as they had a changing of the guard so to speak. The old Bishop stepped down and a new was installed or Called to serve. Next week, I will take my son with him to see how he likes it and we will go from there.

I have lost my drive to train or even go out for a walk. It has been so hot here that it completely wipes me out. Last week I had to cut the grass and I was so weak after, I had a hard time taking a shower. I need to eat more protein before going out.

I don’t know why I am holding myself back with my training. I must need to get back on my Prozac and beat down the depression once again. I was hoping that I would not need to get back on it once I had stopped due to surgery.

I have a phone call appointment on the 27th with my doctor. I really need to get my butt in gear and start working harder in my weight loss or this would have need for nothing.

One thought on “Loss of Faith and drive

  1. I’ve struggled with church lately as well. I grew up in church, attended most of my adult life, but for about the last year, I’ve just stepped away. It became too much about obligation and I didn’t feel like I was gaining from it like I used to or was supposed to. I need to find the motivation to visit some area churches and get back into it, but just haven’t yet. Hope this one works out well for you and Joshua!

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