It has been a crazy month

I have been non-stop since my last post.  It feels like it has been over a month since I wrote, but in truth it has only been a few weeks.

I celebrated my 48th birthday on the 3rd, then had to write my final paper for my Nursing Research class that was due on the 13th (got it done before then and turned in), now trying to get things ready for Christmas.

Joshua and I are heading down to Florida to spend Christmas with my Dad and brother. This will be the first time back to Florida since we moved to Illinois in 2014. I have worked by butt off getting my PTO time saved up to be able to take 6 days off.

Now on to training and eating.   I HAVE BEEN BAD!!!!!!

My training has taken a huge back seat to life and so has my eating.  My weight had gotten back up to 165 and I just felt like crap. First of all, I have been so upset with myself that I allow myself to slip back into old unhealthy eating habits when I get stressed. Will have to work on finding better ways when school starts back up in January.

I have gone back to just drinking my protein drinks and water. I have slipped up twice and had my mortal enemy of peanut M&Ms. I just have to refocus and remember why I did this in the first place.

I have been trying to find a support group that isn’t over an hour away.  I will keep looking.

Back to the training…. Joshua has swimming lessons every Thursday night and there just happens to be a Masters Swim Class at the same time. So, we both get to swim on Thursday nights. Plus he does so much better when I am not watching. I am so proud of him and how far he has come in his swimming.

Now on to bigger news…….



They have opened up applications for their “Equally Inspiring Athlete” for women to be coached for three months for free. They continue to want to increase the number of women in the sport. I was very lucky in 2015 that I applied and was accepted. Sadly it didn’t last long as I got injured and couldn’t continue. This was right before my weight loss surgery.  So, I was encouraged to apply again and I did.


It’s been awhile

It has been 3 months since the last time I have posted. So many things have happened both good and bad.

My weight loss journey has been going great. I am down a total of 126lbs since surgery on July 13, 2015.


I am now in a size 16 in jeans and some larges in workout gear.

Training has taken a back seat to injuries, but I am getting stronger and working my way back. I have already signed up for 3 races with the first one in April. It is the first and only race that I did last year before surgery.

April 17, 2016  Try Tri Edwardsville, IL  Super Sprint

May 22, 2016  St. Louis Triathlon  Creve Coeur Park in Maryland Heights    Athena Sprint

June 12, 2016  Athena National Championships  Grand Rapids, MI   Athena Sprint.

August 2016  Wood River Triathlon   (this one is still a maybe).

Time to get busy and reach my goals!!! Only 25 lbs from my weight loss goal and my racing goals are starting to take shape.

IM Boulder Race Report

This is my friend Emily’s race report from her first Ironman. She is a big supporter of my journey.


My first Ironman was a whirlwind experience.  It has taken nearly two weeks for me to find time and energy to even attempt to write about it here.  This post is horribly long, sorry.     If you missed my post about race weekend leading up to Boulder, you can find that here.  If you want to skip all the reading and just check out my official raceday photos, click here.

Race morning-  I was really thankful to have a hotel in Boulder so I didn’t have to wake up too early, 4 AM was my alarm time.  I got dressed and had breakfast of two pieces of bread with tons of peanut butter on each and a banana.  It is really hard for me to convince myself to eat early in the morning, so just getting this down was an accomplishment.  I had everything I would need…

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Santa, UPS delivery person, came to my house today.

OMG!! I am so excited.  Let me explain.

A few weeks ago @swimbikemom head a contest for other athletes to donate their used Garmin’s or other watches that will track by GPS your run, bike and swims. I entered the contest each and everyday, not thinking that I would get one.

Guess What?????  I WON A GARMIN 910TX with heart monitor.

I could not believe it. Then she had another contest for Roka swimming goggles and I won one of them also.

I got everything today in the mail and by Santa. I truly believe that God is trying to tell me something and I am starting to listen.


My wonderful friend Heather Tolley Bauer got me the book by Meredith Atwood and she signed it too!

I am so blessed with wonderful friends.

My conversation with Mr. Messick

Most of the world does not know that when it comes to equality the triathlon world, Ironman, is far behind the 8 ball. I will write more on this subject in the near future. With my thoughts on the subject as a person that will NEVER make to Kona or be a professional.

The Mediocre Triathlete

I had the craziest dream last night.

I dreamed that I am not really a mediocre triathlete. I’m actually pretty awesome. I’m a card-carrying pro. I win races. I win Ironman races. I dreamed that I wanted to compete in last year’s Ironman Championships at Kona. I tried to enter the race, but I was told that I wasn’t invited.  It was explained to me by Andrew Messick, CEO of World Triathlon Corporation.  Here’s my conversation with Mr. Messick:

LP: Hello, Mr. Messick! Can you spare a few moments for me?

AM: Of course! Come on in and pull up a chair. What can I do for you?

LP: Well, I’d like to race in the championship at Kona. As you can see, I have a formidable resume. I won 5000 Kona points in four races.

AM: Well. That’s impressive. Looks like you had a good season. Unfortunately, I’m going…

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Welcome to From 300 to Iron

I would like to welcome each and everyone to my new blog.

I have just started my training and wanted to keep an account of where I have been and where I am going on the roller coaster ride call Triathlon.

On April 26, 2015 I completed in my first Super Sprint Tri in Edwardsville, IL at SIUE. I was very proud of myself and the results that I got.

Age group 45*49 This was a super sprint: Swim 150 yards, Bike 10 miles and Run 2 miles

10th in age group and 126th overall
Swim: 6:57.45 86:53/M
Bike: 1:16:07.00
Run: 41:37.30 20:49/M
Total time: 2:09:07.55


I am very impressed with myself especially with the Bike. I dropped my chain twice and had to walk up 2 hills. Of course I had the most fun coming down the hills. I kept wanting to squeal WEEEEEE! Just needed to have streamers to my handlebars. Happy with the run, which I walked also.

I can’t wait to do it again.